a day late


if only!

island of cute

who knew that weezer's video for island in the sun was just about the cutest thing ever? not i!

sit down before you watch this.

czech it out here on youtube.



craigslist - rickrolled?

someone is rickrolling craigslist. oh boy!




man, craigslist, i am never gonna give you up.


alphabeat - more like adorabeat

check out the adorable song/video, fascination, from alphabeat. so fun! they are really quite precious - you can listen to more of their songs on youtube, or listen to a whole bunch of remixes of fascination on their myspace. the fascination video really is wonderful.

watch it here!


photo from their myspace.


mika's marshmallow train

this image is from a really wonderful video made for nickelodeon's yo gabba gabba (i think, anyway, most of the sites about it are in portugese?). i wish i knew who sang the cute little song!

check it out here!



i want this

does this need any explanation?


image and t-shirt from: print liberation


well, susan

go watch this video by maira kalman which pays tribute to the elements of style, as illustrated by maira kalman herself... on youtube!


long, but so worth it

metal babes (i have long hair so you want me) - 24

Reply to: pers-587078843@craigslist.org
Date: 2008-02-26, 1:31AM EST

hit me up.. 6'2" 250, long sexy flowing hair, beard, love of all things metal (except for elitist death metal retards who think being filled with anger IS metal (thats what punk is for morons))

i like..
women (ALOT)
pretty much all music with the exception of hip hop (which is completely different than rap mind you.)
metal is where my heart currently resides (used to be punk cant lie)
long romantic walks on the beach (i live next to it so i gotta. plus i want to get it on, on it one of these days)
beer and most other alcohol products.
camel lights
swingin utters and rancid.
red sox. (dont come between me and a game)
patriots. (they get me through the winter with out the sox)
Opie & Anthony
i like the bruins but dont follow them as close as i should.
by nature a celtics fan but haven't followed them since the team consisted of bird, mchale, lewis, gamble and parish. and fox though i was never fond (honestly has there been a reason to till this year?)
red heads (i loooooooove them)
conspiracy theories
"....." i use them alot cause i type in real time.. you will see. ("..."= thinking)

i dislike..
#1 hatred is won by.... COMMUNIST
#2 is close.. but women cant even compete with pinkos
hip hop mumbojumbo bullsh*t fake rap crap
new england revolution.. american soccer = crap. hell i don't like any foot ball. but definitely american soccer. couldnt get anymore half a**ed than that.
the media, this includes books tv and most music (everything you see and hear is propaganda... O&A don't count granted they are only allowed on to confuse you into thinking everything is cool.. but sometimes they speak the truth and they make me giggle like a little girl and i wanna f*ck norton.... not realy though)

ok so if ya got this far.. you might be cool.. but i abide by the "no fat chicks law" suuuure you can be my friend.. but honestly, if you have a higher weight to height ratio than me... ain't happening. and i have a pretty high one. i like to be able to give my women piggy backs.. not break my back. also i am old fashioned. i hold doors open (for all ladies regardless of age weight race etc) i try to offer my assistance for stupid things like carrying groceries and the such. but it's hard these days since everyone thinks i'm trying to rob and or rape them, so i have started to not bother. i'm also a pig, as-well as (somehow) the most sensitive man you will ever meet. on that note.. 80's hair metal power ballads are my thing.

still reading??? then you must be wondering why the hell such a sexy man is posting here. the answer - because when a girl talks to me at a bar, i turn into a retard. things like "i like jello" when asked "how are you" come out of my mouth.i can't help it. i am a nervous nelly. i have wicked social anxiety in most situations (depends on where i am and the type of people involved).
sooooo... here's the deal.... (still there?) you hit me up with a pic (i have plenty trust me) and some info and a topic with which to lure me into a convo, and maybe we can hit a bar or something if it goes that way. i know a great cover band playing thursday.

p.s.- phweeeew that was long winded.

you can't be that metal if you call yourself a nervous nelly! but hey man, he knows a great cover band playing this week. and he has long hair, so i want him.


from: http://boston.craigslist.org/sob/m4w/587078843.html


gorgeous and adorable

czech out this cute and wonderfully illustrated little story by josef lee, over at the museum of modern fiction.



barack, paper, scissors

today has been the day of funny barack obama-related things on the internet. examples:

and also, barack obama is your new bicycle has been making the rounds on facebook/the entire internet today.


images from: my mom, and emily's facebook page.